2013-09-02 - ABC Pre-Study

For one of its clients in the IT services industry, Sustento consulting will be leading a pre-study investigating the requirements and impact of implementing an Activity-Based Costing (ABC) model within the client organization. The pre-study will focus on classification of costs according to the recently re-defined delivery models.

2013-02-01 - Spare Part Management

Sustento has been assigned to conduct a pre-study analysis for an aftermarket supplier of surplus parts in the aviation industry. The analysis will put focus on the on-hand inventory of the client, how the inventory should be valuated, categorized, and managed. The pre-study results will be used as business requirements input for a future IT solution improvement initiative

2012-03-01 - Interim Management

A major Nordic utility company has decided to use Sustento as an interim management solution in their electricity distribution division. The assignment means managing the Swedish Meter & Settlement unit. The unit consists of two teams that are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Swedish electricity meters and the settlement of the company’s local and regional grids.

2011-10-05 - Hardware Support Business Case

For one of its clients within the telecom industry, Sustento will build a business case, identify the preferable way forward within a repair service setup where the client’s suppliers are being evaluated with regard to pricing, service levels, and volume requirements. The business case is a back-end part of a larger negotiation with one of the client’s customers where the repair services are being quoted.

2011-10-03 - Service Ownership

In the FWM project at one of the major Nordic utility companies, Sustento is continuously supporting the ongoing service owner work in the local meter team. The work includes

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Service definition and documentation of new and existing services
  • Change requirement management (organizational, IT and process requirements)
  • Invoice Settlement

This is an inspiring task that means taking an active part of the work in the interface between customer and service supplier.

2011-08-29 - Material Management Pre-Study

Sustento will take a support role in the pre-study of a Material Management assignment. Within this pre-study, the client will investigate and decide on a strategy and way forward on how to manage second hand material, source management of end of life products, and material management of current inventories, and take-back from existing customers.

2011-07-01 - Field Work Management (FWM)

Sustento Consulting will continue the cooperation with one of the major Nordic utility companies, supporting the work in the area of meter maintenance. Sustento will manage a project with the purpose to put focus on a number of specific meter maintenance related challenges. The work will include project planning and follow up of approximately 10 000 fields visits. Sustento will be working closely together with the Swedish electricity distribution division and the field work will be performed using external service providers.

2011-03-02 - Strategic Purchasing

A global and leading company in the Medtech industry has chosen to continue the cooperation with Sustento concerning support in strategic purchasing and supply chain management.
“We are happy and proud to continue this cooperation. Out client has an exciting business and our ambition as a supplier is to contribute for their continued development and growth” , says Patrik Bäckström, CEO Sustento Consulting.

In this assignment Sustento Consulting assists with strategic purchasing support, including:

  • Supplier Development
  • Business and Price Negotiations
  • Supplier Evaluations
  • KPI Follow up
  • Project Development Support
  • Daily Operations Support

Supply chain management support includes establishment and implementation of new planning strategies, for example ABC categorization and safety stock level setup.

2011-02-07 - Automatic Meter Management

Sustento are thrilled to once again be working with one of the major Nordic utility companies, supporting their improvement initiative to ensure meter value collection in top class. Sustento will be working closely together with the Swedish electricity distribution division.

The primary purpose of the initiative is to improve key performance indicators of the meter value collection and ensure that current processes are efficient and complete. The task complexity is increased by the usage of external service providers and a large number of exemptions requiring to be addressed in the processes.

2011-01-17 - Supply Integration of an electronics manufacturing Site in Asia

One of Sustento’s main clients has undertaken a larger acquisition of one of its former competitors. Within this acquisition, Sustento will take a project management role in the Supply process integration of an electronics manufacturing site in Asia. The project management role will cover 8 different sub-projects representing major operational functions at the site including OM, MM, NPI, Quality, Test Engineering, Product Engineering Change Management, Logistics & Trade Compliance, and Repair Services.

2011-01-10 - Supply Management

Sustento Consulting will continue their work with one of the major global telecom companies, supporting them in their business integration work. Main focus will be within the Supply area with a regional spread across Europe, North America and Asia.

The assignment is challenging due to the rapidly changing market conditions in combination with comprehensive integration work, but also a great opportunity for the client to gain long term profitability and cost efficiency. Working with these types of complexities in a global environment has also proven Sustento's ability to deliver value and strategic guidance.


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