Sustento Consulting supports organizations to identify and secure the unique mix of information requirements existing in each organization and its business. This mix of requirements spans over three dimensions: Industry, Functional Area, and Competence Area, which are all interrelated and visualized below.

Within these building block composites our consultants have extensive experience of supporting our clients in identifying specific improvement areas. We assist with the creation of action plans, road-maps and guidance in conducting the adherent changes required with respect to business processes, organizational changes, and IS/IT. Our expertise is built through extensive work with demanding clients in challenging situations.

  • Information Management (IM)
  • System Integration (SI)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)

In the following a selection of example assignments Sustento has accomplished.

New Markets, New Customers – Sustento has built a business case to verify and track profitability and costs for a major global telecom multi-vendor customer contract covering 7 different markets. During this project a number of cost saving structural changes to the business opportunity were identified.

Sustento has also managed and coordinated a country specific service implementation. The project focus was to implement and manage a service supply chain operations for one of our client's customers. Project scope included establishing multi-vendor-specific functions, resources, and ready for hand over to the operational organization.

Business Development – Sustento has performed an analysis resulting in redefining operational performance measures and financial reporting within a global service support business including deployment and follow-up of new reporting process, templates and tools.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Sustento has created and executed a company due diligence combined with a material availability analysis for the client in order to identify scope of service and delivery readiness for a new business opportunity. Basis for the acquisition was inventory takeovers covering the global market.

Supplier Changes – Sustento has supported in introducing a multi-vendor concept for one of our clients. This work included in-depth analysis of customer behavior combined with inventory optimization and rendered substantial savings for our client.

Financial Planning & Business Control – Sustento has supported in and led global implementation projects aiming at setting up and creating processes for cost management, scorecard definitions, and KPI measurements both on the planning-side and follow-up-side. Specific elements included have been defining and creating financial cost models, cost structures, and subsequent reporting and follow-up processes and procedures.

Infrastructure changes – Sustento has been responsible for establishment of the requirement specification and the resulting business implementation of an integrated order management system with underlying database at a major telecommunications company.

Sustento has supported in introducing a new, automated meter management concept within one of our utility clients. This work included in-depth analysis of data and information flows as well as project management of process and technology related challenges linked to the new ways of working.


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