Sustento Consulting was founded in 2007 by people with a strong background in Management Consulting and solid experience from the Telecom, Automotive and Utilities Industries.

Sustento Consulting offers services in Information Management, and System Integration focusing on:

  • Functional and Operational Strategies
  • Defining Projects and Initiatives
  • Project Establishment and Project Planning
  • Manage and Support Project Execution

Sustento Consulting acknowledges the fact that the difficulty for many organizations today is not the lack of data available, but the ability to consolidate and structure data into useful information supporting their business. The availability of accurate and comprehensive information is crucial in order to steer the organization forward according to established strategies and objectives. To achieve this, business processes and technical solutions used within the organization must be aligned with the goals and strategies of the business.

Applying the information management and system integrations methodologies in our areas of expertise have proven to be a valuable concept in terms of creating long term sustainable development for our clients.


Supply Chain Management – The Sustento consultants support our clients in establishing strategies, as well as securing implementation of the suggested improvements. Areas of expertise include Service Supply Chain Management, Spare Part Management, Fulfillment Operations, and Distribution.

Product Lifecycle Management – Through our consultants extensive involvement in product lifecycle management we have the capability to offer a strong analytical capacity in assisting our clients with their product portfolio strategies.

Customer Relationship Management – The Sustento consultants have the skills to relate the supply organization's efficiency to the level of customer satisfaction and how to work with development of these dependencies and improve delivery performance.

Enterprise Architecture – With experience from governance and analysis of information flows, data and interface management in complex, process-driven organizations, our consultants have the ability to support and manage work to improve and integrate large information flows and structures with business requirements and operating models.


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